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Foto des Ortsschilds von Schengen, © colourbox.de

25.01.2018 - Article

General Information about Schengen visas

Saudi nationals and the citizens of the following countries [Link] need a visa to visit Germany:

If you want to travel to Germany for a short term only (up to 90 days), you will have to apply for a Schengen visa. Those who want to exceed their stay or intend to work or live permanently in Germany need to apply for a national visa [Link zu nationalem Visum].

Applications should be submitted as early as possible (max. 3 months ahead of departure). Due to the high number of applications during the annual high season (May to August, just before Ramadan or Eid al Adha) longer processing times are possible. The general processing time depending on the nationality is 1-2 weeks.

A Schengen visa is valid for short stay (tourism, visit, business or medical purpose) within the following countries.


If you are applying for a German Schengen visa, please make sure that Germany is your main travel destination. Those travellers to Schengen member states who received a Schengen visa issued by a member state which is not their main destination risk a rejection at the border/airport as well as a travel ban.

General information about Schengen visa you can find here

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