GESALO: Over 40 years of strengthening Saudi-German Trade Partnership


GESALO, © Gesalo

04.10.2020 - Article

The German Saudi Arabian Liaison Office for Economic Affairs (GESALO), the official representative of German Industry and Commerce in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen, has emerged as a major institution playing the role of catalyst to boost commercial relations between the Kingdom and Germany over the last 40 years. The office is part of worldwide network of German Chambers abroad (AHKs). GESALO’s mission is to render all support and boost the bilateral economic ties between Germany and Saudi Arabia, working very closely with the Saudi business community and government institutions. On the occasion of the National day, the Delegate of German Industry and Commerce for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen Dr. Dalia Samra-Rohte says: “We are proud to be a strong promotor and catalyst of the bilateral economic relationships, having supported numerous German as well as Saudi companies over the last 40 years. The opportunities offered by the Vision 2030 will certainly create an additional momentum to growth the relationships even further”. GESALO provides a broad range of services. Among them are market entry, market research and business partner search, delegation trips, promoting the attractive business opportunities in the Kingdom to German companies.

Another particularly important mission of GESALO is to promote German trade shows among Saudi companies looking for international contacts. Two-thirds of all global trade fairs take place in Germany.

Germany is Saudi-Arabia´s fourth largest trading partner. Chemical products and machinery are the largest product group exported to the Kingdom. German exports increased from January to May 2020 by 16, compared to the same time last year. In 2019 Germany exported 5.9 billion Euro to the Kingdom, enjoying excellent business relationship with Saudi companies.

Over the last years the German industry has played a considerable role in contributing to the overall diversification and localization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The strong economic relationship has also resulted into the presence, operation, and investments of around 800 German companies in the Kingdom, supporting the diversification of the Saudi economy. With the Saudi Vision 2030 the cooperation potential has been extended. As sustainability is a big focus within the Vision 2030 further opportunities have been identified in the fields Renewable Energy, green hydrogen, and the water sector. “Furthermore, the German industry has contributed to the developments in healthcare sector, major infrastructure projects and digitalization”, says Dr. Dalia Samra-Rohte.

Besides the classical industry GESALO is also supporting Saudi startups, setting them up with relevant industry partners. With an increasing demand in local workforce German companies provided employment opportunities to numerous Saudi citizens. GESALO is organizing every year a JobXchange for Saudi Students studying in Germany returning to the Kingdom.

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