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22.11.2017 - FAQ

The Foreign Office Help Desk has collected more than 60 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offering a wealth of information on almost all matters which are important to our customers.

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The Schengen visa is a short stay authorization issued by one of the Member States of the Schengen area. It allows you to stay a maximum of 90 days in the Schengen area within a time of 180 days. No work is permitted.
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If you are planning to visit only one country, you need to apply with that Member State's Embassy/Consulate.

If your visit includes more than one country, you need to apply with the Member State that is the MAIN DESTINATION of your visit: either the one where you are going to stay longest or the one where the main purpose of your visit lies: [Anlage 2]). If no main destination can be determined, the member state you enter first is responsible for your visa application.

It is essential that you apply for your visa at the correct Embassy/Consulate and not simply at an Embassy/Consulate of your convenience. Otherwise there is a serious risk that you will be refused entry at the border. Border guards will ask you questions about your travel plans and can also ask for proof (i.e. hotel bookings, rental car arrangements etc.) Be prepared to explain your travel plans to any border guard upon entry.

Visa with a longer validity are meant for people who travel frequently i.e. for business or family visits. Once you have used your visa for the intended trip to the Schengen country which issued your visa you can travel to other Schengen countries as well. So in the example given, once you have used your Spanish visa for a trip to Spain, you can travel to Germany with it.  However holding a visa does not confer an automatic right of entry to the Schengen area.

In general, Saudi nationals do not require an airport transit visa if they have an onward flight (NOT within the Schengen area) from one of the major German airports as long as they do not leave the airport transit area. If you are leaving the transit zone of the airport you will need a visa (Example: if you travel from the U.S. to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Riyadh, you do not need an airport transit visa; if you travel from the U.S. to Frankfurt, from Frankfurt to Munich and from Munich to Riyadh, you need a Schengen visa).
Detailed information about airport transit visa you can find here:

Due to the high number of visa application this would delay the processing time of all visa applications. For the same reason it is not possible to retrieve the passport during the visa process.

A Schengen visa costs the equivalent of 60 EUR anywhere in the world. For the services of VFS additional fees apply.
A long-term national visa (residence permits) costs the equivalent of 75 EUR. There is no payment for an appointment at the Embassy. WE DO NOT WORK WITH AGENCIES THAT PROVIDE APPOINTMENTS FOR MONEY, such as “Yes Atlas”.
Neither the Federal Foreign Office nor the Embassy act as brokers for work contracts. Please check carefully before you make any payments outside the Embassy or VFS..

The Embassy recommends all visa holders to check their visa before travelling - see here 

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