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Applications need to be complete. Applicants who do not have all requested documents will not be able to submit their application. In this case, a new appointment has to be booked in order to submit missing documents. This list shall help preparing the required documents. Please have them ready in the order mentioned below.
Required documents:
General documents required for all types of visa

  • Passport (signed personally and with a validity of min. 6 months at the date of application, containing at least one blank page); (Original and two copies of all pages that are not blank)
  • 2 declarations art. 54 and 55 German Residence Act, duly completed and signed
  • 3 passport pictures not older than 6 months, photos must meet the requirements
  • Travel Health insurance valid for Germany covering 6 months   
  • ID (original and two copies)

Saudi applicants:

  • ID (original and 2 copies)

Non-Saudi applicants:

  •  Iqama (original and 2 copies)
  •  Iqamas of family members (2 copies)

 or, if applicable

  • Visit visa for Saudi Arabia with a stamp of first entry (2 copies)

2) Further documents regarding the purpose of the stay and how it is financed

  • Work contract from Germany with exact information on position, duration of the contract, working hours, trial period and monthly salary
  • Proof of qualifications for the specific Job (i.e. diplomas, university degrees, testimonials, references)
  • CV including educational background, attended schools and universities, job experience
  • Proof of foreign language skills (language school certificates etc.)

Please note that the Embassy reserves the right to ask for further documents that could then be submitted later by E-Mail or courier.

General rules for submitting documents:

Foreign official documents need to be legalized by the German Embassy of the country that issued the document (exception: documents from Iraq).
Foreign official documents need to be translated into German.
Only translations of officially recognized translators (either recognized by the Embassy or by court in Germany) will be accepted. If translated outside KSA or Germany, the German Embassy of the country where the documents has been translated needs to certify the translation.

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