German Missions in Saudi Arabia

Before traveling to Germany please respect the requirement for COVID tests and the so-called “Einreiseanmeldung”.

Due to the existing travel restrictions for all unnecessary travel from third countries to the Federal Republic of Germany, the Embassy in Riyadh and the Consulate General in Jeddah can currently only accept Schengen visa applications in urgent exceptional cases. For more info please see the Visa Service Section on our website.

The telephone system of the embassy is still disrupted. Please reach out to the embassy using the contact form.

Welcome to the Website of the German Embassy Riyadh and German Consulate General Jeddah

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German Ambassador Jörg Ranau

Ambassador Jörg Ranau

Returning to the country where I started my diplomatic career, I myself and the entire Embassy seek to give renewed momentum to initiatives implementing our shared vision for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future.

German Ambassador Jörg Ranau

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Current Events of the German Missions in Saudi-Arabia


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