Reunion to family members with subsidiary protection - appointment procedure

Family reunion - subsidiary protection

Family reunion - subsidiary protection, © Colourbox


Since August 2018, the Gouvernment of the Federal Republic of Germany has limited reunion to family members with subsidiary protection to 1.000 people per month. Only the closest family members can reunite with their relatives in Germany. There is no legal entitlement to this kind of family reunion. The authorities decide on the ground of humanitarian circumstances if an applicant receives a visa for family reunion.

In order to apply for a visa for family reunion, you have to register here for an appointment.

Please choose the respective German Mission. If you reside in Saudi-Arabia, the German Embassy in Riyadh is responsible for your application.

Please fill in all required information in Latin characters and indicate your correct email address, otherwise you will not receive a registration confirmation or appointment.

Every applicant requires their own registration. Families can be identified through the common reference person in Germany and will receive appointments at the same time.

Please note that the Embassy can only allocate an appointment when your case has been pre-checked by IOM in Germany. This may take several months. Please refrain from status requests in the meantime.


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