Documents Required for Business Visa Application

  • Application form duly filled (online „VIDEX“ or manual) and signed by the applicant

  • Declaration form signed by the applicant (under sections 54 II and 53 German Residence Act - included in the application form)

  • Original passport duly signed and 1 copy of the data page and previous Schengen visas

  • Photographs:
    Two recent biometric photographs (35mm X 45mm) not older than 6 months (one fixed to the form, one loose) with white/bright background

  • Proof of Travel Medical Insurance coverage (EUR 30.000):
    The insurance must cover the entire period of intended stay, valid for all Schengen States and covering any expenses which may arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention, emergency hospital Treatment not excluding COVID-19 infections, or death during the stay
    (Travel Insurance certificate is compulsory)

  • Invitation letter
    Invitation letter from the inviting company in Germany mentioning the purpose, exact date and duration of the business trip. Information about (long-lasting) business relations welcome. Information about regular participation in business meetings/ events recommended if relevant. Information about location of the business meeting / event mandatory if different from the address of the inviting company / ticket for trade fair or exhibition.
    Cost coverage according to §§ 66-68 Aliens Law for all or part of the expenses if relevant.
    In addition, a formal invitation letter to be filled and signed by the inviting company at the competent municipality office/ aliens’ authority in Germany can be submitted.

  • Hotel reservation
    Hotel Booking (no vouchers!) for all intended travel destinations in Schengen states mentioning complete address of the hotel, booking dates and costs.

  • Flight reservation
    Copy of the round trip airline reservation with passenger details and the complete travel itinerary. The reservation should prove that the stay in the Schengen area does not exceed 90 days.

  • For employed individuals and spouses - Employment letter/Sponsor letter addressed to the German Embassy stating the purpose of the visit, date of joining the company, job position and monthly salary and allowances of the applicant/ head of the family. The letter has to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
    Cost coverage by employer/ sponsor if relevant.
    In case of non-Saudi applicants also the duration of the contract has to be mentioned and whether it will be renewed.

    For self-employed individuals/ businessman -  Commercial Registration

    For holders of diplomatic or special passports – Letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs or respective Embassy

  • Original Bank Statements:
    Recent bank statements of the past 6 months proving the monthly salary transfer (if salary is not paid cash) and with sufficient funds available for the intended stay. If the salary is paid cash, salary slips for the last 6 months have to be submitted. The bank statements have to be stamped by the bank.
    For Saudi nationals bank statements of the past 3 months are sufficient.

  • Photocopy of Saudi National ID Card / Residence Permit (Iqama)
    (with Translation)

Additional Documents for Non-Saudi Nationals

  • Iqama copies and Absher excerpt („family services“) of all family members residing in Saudi Arabia.

  • Exit & Re-Entry visa
    Official excerpt of the Electronic Exit Re-Entry Visa (Absher/Muqeem) mentioning exact dates as per Gregorian calendar (Exit before ... / Return before ...) and expiration date of the Iqama.

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