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There are many different opinions out there and a lot can be said about the world. Our Social Media pages exist so that we can engage with a broader audience. We want to read your comments and posts (referred to below as “posts”) and look forward to a lively dialogue on our social media pages (Twitter and Instagram).

But….! Dialogue only works if everybody sticks to a set of rules based on mutual respect. When engaging with our Social Media Pages we expect you to adhere to the rules we have outlined below. Do not forget, that you are speaking to real people. If your comments are not in line with our Etiquette we reserve the right to delete or report your posts to enable a dialogue based on mutual respect.

Rule no1 - Show respect!

· We want our dialogue to be respectful, so please ensure that your tone is fair and polite at all times.

· We kindly ask you to treat all users as you would like to be treated yourself.

· Please remember that you are dealing with real people. You can present your arguments forcefully, but you should never attack other users or anyone else personally.

· Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion, so please do not try to force your views on others.

· We will delete or report insults, sexist or racist remarks, and anti-Semitic posts. The same applies to posts containing vulgar, abusive or hate speech or posts that violate the rights of third parties, including and in particular copyright.

Rule no2 - Stick to the topic!

Please ensure that your comments are always relevant to the original post. In the interests of all, you should avoid posting content that has nothing or very little to do with the original post. Please also refrain from posting content more than once (cross-posting).

Rule no3 - No spam!

· Spam is not allowed under the Twitter Rules.

· Misuse of the German Embassy in Riyadh’s social media pages to advertise websites or services or to sell goods or services, either commercially or as a private individual, is not allowed.

· Content, information, software or other material that breaks the law must not be posted.

Rule no4 - Quote correctly!

· In order to quote correctly, not only must the quotation be exact, the right source must also be provided. You must state a source or author that can be verified by other users. Please be sparing in providing links to external websites

· We reserve the right to delete links that are posted more than once.

Rule no5 - User responsibility

All users are responsible for the posts they publish. The German Embassy Riyadh does not assume any responsibility for users’ posts.

Rule no6 - Final responsibility lies with the operator

· As the operator of these accounts, we will not accept any breaches of these guidelines on commenting.

· By interacting with the German Embassy Riyadh in its social media pages, you recognise these guidelines.

· The general laws and regulations apply.

· Breaches will result in your exclusion from the discussion.

We would also like to point out that you should take into account and adhere to the various platforms’ terms of use and rules:

The Twitter Rules

Instagram Community Guidelines

Thank you for your understanding! Have fun using our social media pages!

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