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20.05.2024 - Article

If you intent to stay in Germany for more than 90, you need a national visa.

General information

A visa for a long-term stay in Germany generally has to be applied for in advance with the respective German mission abroad. Usually it requires the approval of the local foreigner's office in accordance with the intended place of residence. If the foreigner's office's approval is necessary, the visa procedure can take three months or longer. Sometimes further authorities like the Federal Employment Agency have to be consulted. The German Mission can only issue the visa with the approval of the foreigner's office.

Citizens from Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea and the United States of America can apply for their residence Permit after entering Germany.

The duration of the visa procedure varies, please apply for a visa as soon as you have specific plans.

Competence for the visa procedure

Competent is the German mission in whose consular district you are residing. The term residence usually requires a stay of 6 months in the respective location.

If this is within Saudi-Arabia, please submit your application to the German Embassy in Riyadh.

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