Legalisation of public documents

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Legalization of public documents
If you want to officially use a Saudi-Arabian public document in Germany, most German authorities will usually require that you get it legalized first. For non-German documents other than Saudi-Arabian, please refer to the information sheet provided below.

Legalisation of Saudi Arabian public documents
Saudi Arabian public documents can be legalized by the German Embassy.
First, please have the document in question legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia. Then, the
original document has to be translated into German. Only documents translated by one of the translators recognized by the German Embassy or a sworn translator in Germany can be legalized.

- see our list of translators
Please bring the original document together with the translation to the Embassy where your document will then be legalized for official use in Germany.

Important Notice:

  • An application by post is not possible.
  • Only original documents can be legalized.
  • Documents that only contain an automated signature, stamp or QR code can only be legalized after obtaining the handwritten signature of the exhibitor.

Legalisation of Syrian public documents
Official Syrian documents have to be legalized by the German Embassy in Beirut. Please check the website of the German Embassy in Beirut for more information.

Legalisation of Yemeni public documents
Official Yemeni documents cannot be legalized by any German Embassy due to the political situation in Yemen and the closure of the German Embassy in Sanaa.

Legalisation of German public documents
For information on how to legalize German public documents for use in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia please refer to the following website of the German Federal Foreign Office.
German public documents for use abroad

You can visit us on sundays, tuesdays and wednesdays for general consular matters without an appointment between 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. For certifications, please contact us in advance.

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